special edition

Dear Mom,

I’m not really sure when our relationship changed but I do know that it changed my life forever. I guess this is just a thank you, for being there when no one else was. You were the only one that I could cry to when life got too hard to deal with. Through breakups, hating Philadelphia, and now transferring. Who else could I text and then have them call 5 different people just trying to figure out my latest mental breakdown. I call you every day not because i’m bored and need someone to talk to but because I just need to hear your voice and you tell me it’s all gonna be okay. You always answer with a cheery tone whether its the first or fifth time i’ve called you and you will never get how much that means to me.

So, thank you for helping me realize my own path and guiding me through it. Yes, I might have two parents but I will never love my dad like I love you. Mom, you truly are my saving grace every day. Life is hard when your parents are divorced but I never felt alone because I knew that no matter what I had my mom and I would never need anyone else.

Thank you for understanding that my first part of college was so shit and all I really needed was some help. All I strive for in life is to make you proud. Also, it’s important to know that moving out to Philly was so hard and I don’t cry every time I come back because I hate it, I think its because having my mom by my side makes me invincible. I can do anything or be anything with you by side.

When people used to tell me that my mom would end up being my hero I would laugh. I wanted so badly to feel independent but as I grow I realize that I never get another mother, especially one like you. You are my hero, and forever will be. It’s because of you that I get through my days. So, this is a thank you because you deserve it for putting up with me every day.

Love Always, Liz



6 thoughts on “special edition

  1. A bond between a mother and a child is beautiful. I hope you’re holding up well after a rough year in college. Philadelphia isn’t a bad place to be. I’m from temple!

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