It’s over.



over thinking

they all cloud my brain

how could this happen to us?

i was so in love

and here we are

just done talking

after one year

its like it never happened

youre getting drunk

youre posting pictures to get a rise out of me

its disgusting

i never thought it would come to this



i wanted this

i wanted to be free

and for the first time im not regretting breaking up with someone

it was the right move

no more crying

no more 3 hour train rides

no more fighting because your pride is too big for your body

its done

i have time to myself

i dont need to put anyone else first

commitment is never a scary word until you understand what it means

im the runaway bride

im not ashamed to say it

i understand that i hurt people and run

feels better then getting destroyed

im not strong enough to push past that

so here goes nothing


fresh air


exactly what i wanted


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