When people tell you that one day someone will walk into your life and change it forever I never believed them.

Partly because i’m a pessimist but also because I didn’t think there was a person out there who could do that.

I was wrong.

For my sorority we went through the big/little process and I was so unsure as to who I wanted to be my big. I went on “dates” with some people and kind of tried to piece together some names.

We had to give a list of our top three with no specific order, Nikki’s wasn’t even on my list.

I had no idea who Nikki even was at this time, I mean I knew of her and her amazing Instagram but that was it.

So when the reveal day came I had no expectations. I watched all the girls go in front of me and all of the girls in my top three had gotten their littles.

At this point I was trying to keep calm.

I walked up to the curtain and when it finally dropped Nikki flew into my arms and that’s when I knew something was right.

I had never just clung to someone like that.

Then Nikki and I got to talking about a lot of personal things.

We quickly realized that we were so similar in the way that we function.

We both deal with a lot of anxiety and depression and handling that for the both of us is an exhausting process.

Just after talking with her once and already getting under the surface of ourselves was something that I was blown away by.

She truly shines this light whenever I see her. She can just look at me from across the room and I feel this overwhelming sense of calm. She makes it all okay.

We both struggle with life but there’s no one else that I would go to when I’m having a bad day.

When I transferred here I was so afraid.

I didn’t want to be alone anymore. I was tired of having all of this pressure on me.

Nikki made that all disappear. I’m not afraid to be alone anymore because I have someone who can truly see me for what I am.

We are both two very emotional people and can instantly cry just looking at each other but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Nikki, you have truly given me a purpose here at Susquehanna and in ADPi.

You have changed my world and my perspective and we are always learning through each other and I can’t thank you enough for just being there.

You make the really dark days a little brighter.

We don’t have it together, let’s face it we are emotional disasters.

But together you make me feel like I can accomplish anything and that’s something I can never repay you for.

Don’t ever change.



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